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 The Wrath of the Heavens

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PostSubject: The Wrath of the Heavens   Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:11 pm

Somewhere in the Underdark....

The caverns were confusing, getting turned around down here was the difference between life and death. One never tread the depths of the Underdark alone.

  An young man carefully crept along the edge of a cavern, sword drawn and shield at the ready, his bright plate armour was worn and splattered with blood.

And he was alone.

  'Almost there' He thought to himself. How many weeks had he spent down here? He pondered this for a moment. His entire party was slaughtered. The lone survivor, not that it accounted for much.
  He could see light in the distance. His heart fluttered, would he finally make it?

He heard the pattering of feet in the distance, and his heart sank.


He recognized their stench anywhere.

  He had come this far, his determination the only thing keeping him going. He hadn't eaten in a few days, and he was exhausted. He drew a deep breath. 'Well, I should face my fate.'

 He entered the next cavern, and before him 10 Troglodytes. They stood about 5 feet tall, their scaled skin shifting colour. Each was wielding a javelin or a club. They were waiting...
The man rushed forward as the Troglodytes ran to attack. He swung madly, hoping to scare them off, but their numbers were too great, and before he knew it, he had been struck down.
His vision began to darken.
But then a magnificent radiance shone through
And the pain began to subside
He was dying
'I guess I lived a good life'

  "But it is not yet over young man." An aged, yet soft voice called to him.
The pain had long subsided, and the man opened his eyes. There was an aged elven man, full blue and gold trimmed scale armour, pitted and scratched with use. He was sitting before a fire, the corpses of all 10 Troglodytes were burning a few yards away.
  "What happened?" The young man asked.
  "You were killed by those Troglodytes. You were to suffer a cruel and unfair fate." The elf said. "You are lucky I was here young man, or your fate would have been sealed." He said as he bit into a stale piece of bread and grimaced.

  "Who are you?" The young man asked.
 The elf took another bite, and then answered.
 "I am but a humble servant of Chauntea, a wandering cleric hoping to bring light into the darkest reaches of this world."
"My name is Talus."
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The Wrath of the Heavens
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